We had so much fun on our trip to Barcelona and Paris. Here’s some of what we did in Barcelona which was definitely the favorite part of our trip. We had so much fun sightseeing and spending time on the beach. Meeting Clara and Anna there was awesome. We all had so much fun and I can’t wait until our next adventure.

We left the US on a Friday afternoon and flew into Zurich for a long layover then over to Paris where we spent the night and the next day flew to Barcelona. We booked flights in and out of Paris because it saved us a lot of money. Travel days would have been less long if we had gotten one way tickets to Barcelona and then out of Paris but it was worth it to save the money for a little extra crazy. All in all it wasn’t that bad since we got to Paris and pretty much went to bed. Got up the next morning and flew to Barcelona. With time change it was actually day 3 of our trip.

We got to Barcelona around lunch time checked into our hotel and meet Clara and Anna for lunch and a walked around a bit. Made our way to the beach (just checked it out today), had delicious coffee, went to dinner. After dinner we meet up with one of Clara’s co-workers who was also vacationing in Barcelona for drinks.

Arco de Triunfo de Barcelona.

Coffee from Double B. I got a Lavender Raf. Raf coffee is when the milk and cream are whipped together with the espresso making the drink thick. So good.

The first full day in Barcelona we had delicious breakfast at a cafe near our hotel and then meet Clara and Anna at the Picasso Museum and went to the Cathedral of Barcelona. Went and had tapas for lunch then spent a few hours on the beach. After the beach we got some coffee at the same place as yesterday. It was already almost 8pm…we had coffee that late. It’s okay when your dinner isn’t until 9:30pm.

Dinner at La Tinaja Bodega.

The second day we did the Hop-on-Hop-off bus tour and saw the city without having to walk a billion miles….it was great and highly recommended. We saw the La Sagrada Famila church which is still being constructed decades later. It was massive and pictures do not do it justice. At the end of the bus tour we walked around La Ramaba which is a shopping area and market. We had a delicious Kiwi Coconut smoothie and some empanadas. After touring and getting lunch we went back down to the beach for a bit before going to dinner.

La Sagrada Familia

The third day was a full beach day. Before going to the beach we had a yummy breakfast and did a little shopping (I got a new swimsuit). On our walk to the beach we got some drinks and snacks for our day there and for lunch we walked to a little sandwich shop close by. We stayed at the beach until 7:30pm and then all had dinner which we finished at 12am.

We had dinner at Sensi Mezzanine and was probably my favorite restaurant we went to.

The combination of sightseeing and beach was amazing. You didn’t feel like you had to wear yourself down everyday walking from get up to go to sleep. I would highly recommend Barcelona! We had an awesome first half of our trip. The 4 days we where there was a good amount of time I think we could have even done another day (or two) and spent more time on the beach!

We had a half day in the morning before we had to go the the airport. We got a yummy breakfast again and then walked around near our hotel and where we needed to catch the bus to the airport.

Crazy Storm

Back in May we got two hail storms…one wasn’t too bad but the second one was. We got marble sized hail with this one and I had just planted some of my flowers. I thought for sure my flowers were gone and I was going to have to plant new ones but they are doing great! You would never know that they had been hailed on.

The lettuce looked terrible.

Here they are doing great! We even had some of the lettuce for dinner the other day.

Outdoor Spigot

We can water our plants with a hose (and bike washing is easier too)! Donny has been talking about this project forever and we finally did it. As far as house projects go it was relativity quick…..except the channel of drywall that now needs to be replace. Which you can see in the photo below.

Everything got super dusty from removing the drywall so I had a major cleaning session and rearranged the dinning room. Now that the table is facing the other way our space looks much bigger.

Closet Clean out

I recently cleaned out and organized my closet and holy moly does it look better.

I took everything out, got rid of somethings and mostly just put it back in a more organized way.

Looks so much better and I can actually find things in here.

New House Plants

I got two new house plants! I have decided that our house needs more plants and I recently reorganized one of the shelves in the kitchen area and it needed a plant which prompted the plant purchases.

This is a Golden Pothos.

This is a Trailing Elephant Bush.