February 2018 {part 1}

We celebrated the first 100 days of school at our new school. It’s a brand new school this year so it was kind of a big deal.

I painted a yarn holder for my knitting projects. Still haven’t finished that scarf.

Donny turned 30! And we celebrated by going to see a Podcast taping live.

Donny has been enjoying going up to Eldora and skate skiing this winter.

I used my birthday and tutoring money to get some flats that I have been wanting for a long time. So far I am liking them but they are needing some break in time.

We got these really neat water blocks for the sensory table at school. The kids have really enjoyed playing with them.


this past week

enjoyed some pie on pi day 3.14

back to having sunrise drives to work since the time change

enjoying evening walks since the time change

had a lularoe party and got some new goodies….some as hostess reward and some I bought

we bought our floor tile and picked our grout color…we choose the second from the top

all the way to Spanish class I was thinking about the chai tea I was going to get and the coffee shop was closed. I was extremely disappointed.