Printed Pictures

We finally got some pictures printed and hung up. Over the summer I had made this wood W artwork and have wanted to add some wedding photos to hang with it and we finally got it done. This is also the first of wedding photos we have printed and displayed with the exception of one hung in our bedroom and scrapbook ones.

And we also got some photos hung up to go with this Me + You art piece that Donny made me for my 30th birthday. I’m so glad that we have pictures printed and we can enjoy them and they aren’t stuck on the computer.


March 2018

My aloe and pineapple (inspired) succulent are growing so well in the kitchen. The little sugar canister is a newer addition and looks so cute next to the succulent.

My team at school had a surprise baby shower for the teacher I work with and I made a cute little banner with baby’s name.

There have been a few days this month that have been nice. We have taken full advantage of them. Hopefully we get more in the upcoming weeks.

We have been doing a Food PBL at school the past several weeks and since we are learning about food we had to do some cooking projects. We paired up with our kindergarten buddies and made fruit salad, vegetable soup and pizza.

We had flour in our sensory table one week and the kids loved it. We had to have a sign-up sheet during center time to help manage everyone who wanted to play. Then on the last day we added water which made the flour dough like and it was even a hit.  

Can’t wait for more days like this, the deck to be finished and our patio furniture to be outside.

Fresh Flowers

I love having fresh flowers in the house and over Spring Break I go some daffodils and pink flowers.

The daffodils looked so pretty after they bloomed a bit more than when I had bought them.

what I wore {spring break}

Spring Break was mostly chilly. It snowed a couple of times and there were not any spring like outfits being worn this week.

Monday: Lularoe Randy, Vest from Stich Fix (long time ago), Jeans from Target, Saucony shoes

Tuesday: Sweater from Target, Jeans from Target, Saucony shoes

Wednesday: Long Sleeve from Target, Yoga leggins from Old Navy

Thursday: Cardigan, 3/4 sleeve shirt and Jeans from Target, Tieks

Friday: Patagonia sweatshirt, Jeans from Target, Tieks

San Diego {2018}

We went to San Diego to visit Keith and Bridgette. Wasn’t quiet as warm as we were hoping for but we did miss a snow storm back home so that was awesome. We also got to meet up with Clara at a winery that is kind of between San Diego and Los Angeles. We had lots of fun and can’t wait to go again next year.

I was super excited to be wearing sandals.

We did a brewery tour. Donny and Keith enjoyed some beer.

We meet up with Clara and did some wine tasting.

Enjoyed some time at the beach. It was a bit windy and not that warm but we still had fun.


February 2018 {part 2}

This would have been our one chance for a snow day…

Donny and I went to yoga despite the crazy snow and this was the snow that collected on the car in just one hour of class.

That morning we had a good amount of snow and it was ridiculously cold. My car said -9 when I got to school that morning. 

I went to yoga on Valentine’s day and wore my heart leggins.

Donny and I had pizza at Lucky’s for dinner.

I made chocolate playdoh for the Valentine’s day party at school. The kids loved it!

We randomly had a double rainbow out the window one morning.

Spring 10×10

I am doing the Spring 10×10 outfit challenge. This is where you pick 10 items and wear them for 10 days. I did not come up with this but follow several fashion Instagram accounts and have got the idea from them.  I love the idea of capsule wardrobes but haven’t fully committed in any season. I  am thinking of extending this 10×10 challenge into a spring capsule and adding some pieces to extend it to the end of May.  We will see how the challenge goes.

Here’s the 10 pieces that I have chosen this time. I have picked 10 clothing items and did not include shoes in the 10 items.