Working Outside

We got our planters cleaned out and ready for some plants. We had a rosemary that didn’t come back and some weeding that needed to be done.

Got it all cleaned out and some new dirt added in. We are going to plant another rosemary and a few tomatoes here.

Donny built a new planter for the other side of our deck.

And I filled it up with flowers and a couple of romaine lettuce plants. 

We also got our outdoor storage cabinet built.


April 2018

We got the deck finished! Can’t wait for the warmer weather so we can use it even more.

The seeds I planted during spring break are doing well!

I have been enjoying my weekly yoga class.

Got new license plates for the jeep. Way less complicated than I thought it would be….guess they want to make acquiring new plates after their stolen easy.

We installed a new bedroom door! Looks so much better than the old ones…can’t wait for all of them to be replaced.

Spring 10×10 {2018}

Here are the 10 pieces  and the outfits that I choose for my spring 10×10. I did not include shoes or accessories in my 10 items.

Pink Sweater, Chambray Short Sleeve, Pineapple t-shirt, White Jeans, Blue Jeans and Black dress all from Target, Gray Stripped Button Down thrifted (Target), Blue 3/4 Sleeve thrifted (???), Black Pencil Skirt from Old Navy and Mint Skirt is Lularoe.

Outfit #1 Blue 3/4 Sleeve, Jeans and Black Matt Tieks

Outfit #2 Pink Sweater, Gray Button Down, White Jeans, Gold Sparkly Sandals

Outfit #3 Pineapple Shirt, Mint Madison Skirt, Gold Sparkly Sandals

Outfit #4 Short Sleeve Chambray, White Jeans, Sandals

Outfit #5 Blue 3/4 Sleeve, Black Pencil Skirt

Outfit #6 Gray Button Down, Black Dress

Outfit #7 Gray Button Down, Jeans

Outfit #8 Gray Button Down, White Jeans

Outfit #9 Black Dress, Pink Sweater

Outfit #10 Black Pencil Skirt, Pineapple Shirt                                                                                                          (not pictured because for some reason it doesn’t want to load)

Spring Break {2018}

Had a lot of fun over spring break wish it would have been warmer but it was nice to have some time off from school. And we really needed it.

Theresa and I did some seed starters. Growing some tomatoes and flowers.

It snowed a few times.

Theresa and I went to Ikea.

The Jeep license plates were stolen. We never got them back and have since got new ones.

Allison, Robin and I all meet for lunch at a cute coffee shop in Louisville and then did a craft. Allison and Robin are also teachers so they too were enjoying the week off.

I got my annual spring break pedicure.

After meeting the teachers I work with for lunch I did some thrift store shopping and found two really cute shirts.

Picked out my items for my Spring 10×10 clothing challenge.

Printed Pictures

We finally got some pictures printed and hung up. Over the summer I had made this wood W artwork and have wanted to add some wedding photos to hang with it and we finally got it done. This is also the first of wedding photos we have printed and displayed with the exception of one hung in our bedroom and scrapbook ones.

And we also got some photos hung up to go with this Me + You art piece that Donny made me for my 30th birthday. I’m so glad that we have pictures printed and we can enjoy them and they aren’t stuck on the computer.