Breckenridge and Boating

A couple of weekends ago Keith and Bridget came to visit and we headed up to the mountains to enjoy some fall temperatures and yellow leaves. We stayed at an Airbnb in Breckenridge and enjoyed a beautiful hike.

Then on Sunday we came back to Boulder and headed out to Carter Lake to enjoy the 90 degree day on the boats.

What a fun weekend!

A Boat

Well it happened….we got a boat. After spending time out on the boat with Sam and Deidre, Donny (and Sam) thought that another boat would be awesome. And then we bought one and we have taken it out a couple of times and it is so fun. The other weekend we had both boats out and with 8 people it never felt crowed on either boat. I can’t wait until next summer!

Random September

Flowers from Deidre have not disappointed.

We have been enjoying the warm September weather and hanging out on the lake.

Had my first straw free Starbucks drink.

Fall colors are always pretty.

Going to the gym for Movement at school is a big hit.

Worked on the boat one Saturday getting it cleaned up and looking good.

I have been slacking on the outfits pictures the last couple of weeks and these are the only two I have .

Random August

I have been enjoying fresh flowers each week from Deidre’s cut flower garden she started this summer.

Our guest room has stayed cleaned since I cleaned it up at the end of July.

My big orchid has been blooming all summer (I got is as a gift from a student at the end of the year) and is starting to loose is blooms. The little one is going strong.

We have been enjoying many nights out on the porch for dinner with this view.

I finally trimmed back the mint.

I got a backpack for school. My current teacher bag didn’t zip close and I wanted a bag that closed.

I got some mums so I could have some fall blooms on the front porch and out back.

This floral romper was my crazy purchase of the summer and I can’t wait to wear it.

Back to School

To celebrate going back to school Robin and I went and got our nails done. A relaxing last day of summer.

My first day for teachers outfit

I have organized so much at school this year. Last year with our school being new and everyone getting to be in the building for the first time the third work day for teachers we didn’t have much time for organizing. I am super exited that all of our Art and Sensory Tables supplies are organized and easy to find.

The after of this is an amazing transformation. At the end of the year things that didn’t have home were pilled on the art cart and now everything has a home.

I got a succulent to sit on the window sill

And we celebrated the teacher I work with birthday

Classroom Setup

I went and helped my teacher friend Robin setup her classroom. She moved rooms this year and wanted some extra help getting everything moved around and I was happy to do so. After we finished and I was thinking about it I discovered my dream job would be coming into teachers classrooms and helping them arrange their furniture and decorate. Doesn’t that sound fun? Here’s a couple of pictures of her classroom before school started.

Small group table area with the most comfy beanbag chair. She has a woodland/camping theme in her class and when we hung the alphabet we put the vowels up (the “O” had to go down) and the number line continues on the other side of the anchor chart bulletin board. To the side of the beanbag are shape posters. The lamp and plant finished off the little beanbag corner and make it feel homey.

The student work display is located at the back of the room and is a focal point of the class. Looks good without work and will look amazing with all the students quality work displayed. I cut out the title “our quality work” using my cameo silhouette. Below are the student mailboxes and stored on the shelves are the flexible seating pencil boxes, math manipulative and literacy center items.

Robin said she has gotten so many compliments on her classroom layout and feel and next time I go visit I will have to take more pictures to share with you later in the school year.

Boat Time

Sam and Deidre got Sam’s Grandpa’s boat this summer and Donny has been helping him work on it and we have enjoyed several evenings out on the lake. We didn’t realize that we live just 15 minutes away from a lake you can boat on and it has been so much fun!