Robin’s Baby Shower

We celebrated Baby Sinichko a few weeks ago and had so much fun. I hosted the party at my house and another friend did most of the planning with some help from me. I can’t wait to meet baby around Christmas time.

On the door I got this adorable shirt from Walmart. Our door was painted just days before the party and it matched perfectly.

We played one game and it was super casual.

I made this banner as a background for pictures and present opening.

Robin got lots of adorable baby clothes.  

Each guest signed a book for baby and mom-to-be.

Everyone left with some delicious trail mix.

We took a group photo

Donny’s New Truck

It happened. Donny got a truck. He has wanted a truck for so long…but didn’t really have a good reason to buy one. Well now that we have a boat that needs towed it was the perfect reason to get one. Our trip to Home Depot was super easy!

We are finally fixing the wall from putting in the water line to the outside.

October Happenings

Time for pumpkin everything.

They finally started painting our house!

We made adorable puppy puppets in our art center since we are studying pets.

Foggy one morning


Got my fall/Halloween decorations out on the porch since they they got everything painted.

Made a banner for Robin’s baby shower.

Had and ice cream date with this little one.

The ECE team was emojis for Halloween at school. This is the one I made.