DIY Burp Clothes

To make these burp clothes I looked at several blogs that I found from Pinterest and took then made my own burp clothes. These are super easy to to make! It all straight stitches and lots of cutting. Keep reading to see more details on how to make these yourself.

First you need to pick your fabric. You need about 1/2 yard of each kind that you want and you can get about 4 burp clothes out of the 1/2 yard when you cut them at 16 inches by 10 inches.


*1/2 fabric for each pattern you want. I used flannel & cotton.

*1/2 terry cloth for each pattern you choose. OR buy a towel from target in coordinating color and cut to size (don’t use  binding)

*coordinating thread

Cut your fabric and your terry cloth to 16 inches by 10 inches

Pin right sides together

Sew with about a 1/4 inch seam allowance around all the edges. Leaving around a 4 inch hole to turn out. Picture below shows the turn out hole.

Around 4 inches on the short side

Cut the corners at and angle. I found this helped the corners poke out better. Don’t cut the seam.

Turn fabric out. Now the pattern should be showing.

Pin your hole so that you will be able to sew in closed, but iron the whole thing first (picture below)


Top stitch around the whole burp cloth using a small seam allowance

Then you are finished!


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