Spring Break 2017

Had a great week off from school and now only eight weeks left. My week had a pretty good balance of fun activities and bathroom remodel tasks.

Had brunch with Jessica on day, got lunch with Donny another day, got a pedicure, had some Starbucks, used a birthday gift card for facial, got my hair cut, got some boba tea, got a massage at the spa (birthday gift redeemed), went swimming, painted the bathroom walls and ceiling (which was many days of painting since it needed several coats), we got the floors totally finished and tore down the shower tile.

And our bathroom looks nothing like this….



Bathroom Remodel

One Friday I decided that the downstairs bathroom needed to be repainted. Painting meant getting a new light fixture, mirror, decorations and painting the cabinets. Ended up being a big more work than I thought but looks so much better than before. I choose to paint it Home Depot Glidden Niagara Reef Jade.


Light fixture from Lowe’s, mirror and towel holder from Home Depot


Wood pineapple from Hobby Lobby


Handles from Home Depot. Cabinet paint color– Home Depot Glidden Elegant Charcoal semi-gloss


Gold and white vase from Hobby Lobby, pineapple form TJ Maxx, Candle from Target


Pineapple art from Hobby Lobby, shelf made by Donny, reed diffuser from Target, ampersand from Michal’s and fake grass from TJ Maxx.