April 2018

We got the deck finished! Can’t wait for the warmer weather so we can use it even more.

The seeds I planted during spring break are doing well!

I have been enjoying my weekly yoga class.

Got new license plates for the jeep. Way less complicated than I thought it would be….guess they want to make acquiring new plates after their stolen easy.

We installed a new bedroom door! Looks so much better than the old ones…can’t wait for all of them to be replaced.


Printed Pictures

We finally got some pictures printed and hung up. Over the summer I had made this wood W artwork and have wanted to add some wedding photos to hang with it and we finally got it done. This is also the first of wedding photos we have printed and displayed with the exception of one hung in our bedroom and scrapbook ones.

And we also got some photos hung up to go with this Me + You art piece that Donny made me for my 30th birthday. I’m so glad that we have pictures printed and we can enjoy them and they aren’t stuck on the computer.


We got a bamboo plant for our deck. We needed to get some more plants for the deck….it was looking quiet boring and needed something. Donny suggested we get a bamboo plant and the little nursery near our house just happen to have one. We have had it about a week and there is already new growth.

This is when we first got it

One week later

Hello July!

Hello blog! It’s been a while. The end of the school year was a bit crazy and this first part of summer has gone by so fast. We have been working on projects around the house and I have been enjoying my first summer of not teaching summer school. Here’s a look at what I have been doing this past month or so. And don’t worry July is jammed pack with fun.

We went to Vegas with friends

It snowed May 18th

Celebrated the last day of school

We cut down the tree in our yard and are building a deck

Donny’s been racing and riding his mountain bike lots

I celebrated the retirement of a fellow nursery teacher…she taught for 25 years!

Planted flowers on the front porch

Bathroom Remodel pretty much complete (only touch ups left)

Spent a week in Junction with my parents and my brother came to visit

I made a card

We went to a wedding

I wore this adorable Lularoe Amelia

We have been making progress on the deck

Spring Break 2017

Had a great week off from school and now only eight weeks left. My week had a pretty good balance of fun activities and bathroom remodel tasks.

Had brunch with Jessica on day, got lunch with Donny another day, got a pedicure, had some Starbucks, used a birthday gift card for facial, got my hair cut, got some boba tea, got a massage at the spa (birthday gift redeemed), went swimming, painted the bathroom walls and ceiling (which was many days of painting since it needed several coats), we got the floors totally finished and tore down the shower tile.

And our bathroom looks nothing like this….