outfits week #6

lularoe carly, born ankle boots

lularoe classic t, target dress, target sandals

lularoe classic t, target cardigan, target black jeans, steve madden sandals

lularoe classic t, lularoe cassie, clarks boots


10 pieces 10 outfits

I have seen this challenge on my Instagram feed and looked like lots of fun so I thought I would give it a try. I did wear ten outfits but only photographed eight (I don’t know what happen there).

During the ten day challenge I found that it was super easy to get dressed in the morning because you knew that there weren’t many choices. I would totally do it again but maybe not include shoes as part of the ten pieces although I did like not have to decide which shoes to wear since I only picked one pair. Also any accessories were free game so it made me wear some jewelry and scarfs that I haven’t worn in a while.