Anniversary Trip

To celebrate our 10 year anniversary Donny and I went to Italy! We went to three cities….Venice for 2 days, Florence for 3 days and Rome for 3 days. And while we were in Florence we took the train over to Pisa. We booked our trip through Gate 1 Travel, which was amazing, they took care of the flights, hotels, travel between cities and the guided tours we did. Highly recommend using them. We had the most amazing time on our trip, walked a ton (our main mode of transportation), ate gelato multiple times at day, had delicious espresso and cappuccinos daily (no Starbucks in Italy), and we can’t wait to go back and see more of Europe.

Our first gelato (coffee and lemon)


Anniversary Weekend

We ventured off to the Denver Aquarium on Saturday





We had breakfast at The Buff!


We had dinner at the Chautauqua Dinning Hall


Then enjoyed some ice cream from the Chautauqua general store. Did you know it’s national ice cream day on July 20th? It is! How did it take us 7 years to figure this out?Β  7-anniversary4