4th of July

We went to Breckenridge for the Firecracker 50 mountain bike race. This is Donny’s 4th year racing and we had a great time. While Donny was racing Anna and I walked around downtown a bit, got lunch and sat in the sun waiting for Donny to finish. We had a great time! After we got home Donny and I had Smash Burger for dinner (we didn’t plan ahead with our dinner plans) and watched Fireworks out our bedroom window.



July 4, 2016

Donny and I went up to Breckenridge so that he could race the Firecracker 50. We meet some friends up there who were also doing the race. Jessica and I did not race so we walked around downtown after the start and did some shopping.


I took my planner and some decorating goodies with me to do while I sat at the race. The race is about 4 hours long so plenty of time to do something.



Donny after he finished the 50 miles. The previous years that he has raced the Firecracker he has done it as a duo where each person does one 25 mile loop. He did an awesome job solo!


Rocking my star scarf to keep some sun off of me. It’s a lot of sun when you are just sitting in the grass for a few hours.


Everyone had a great day of biking and being in the mountains. Until next year!