Summer School 2016

I’m teaching summer school again this year…I enjoy teaching summer school as it gives me something to do a few days a week. I am teaching incoming 3rd graders and they are so much fun! I have students from all over the word that speak so many cool languages. We have five languages (Hebrew, Portuguese, Korean, Tamil, Spanish)  besides English in my classroom of 10 students. Always jealous of multilingual speakers. Here’s a pictures of my classroom before I moved the furniture around.


Here’s what it looks like now! The room isn’t very big, but it has a really cool reading loft and everyone is enjoying it!


I went for a more flexible seating option setup and everyone’s personal items live on these two tables and they get what they need as we need it. IMG_3304

Then I put all the supplies that can be shared over here on this bookshelf with the leveled books.


Toddler Room {May}

Here’s what we did around the classroom in May. We did do some art crafts but I guess I forgot to take a picture of them before they were sent home.





We played lots of Legos and Lego trains…..three boys worked together to build this train.


We had several warm days in a row and did lots of water play.



We got some plants planted. In the planter above is mostly perennials, sunflowers and some other random seeds and below are lots of pumpkins…I’m just hoping that one plant grows, and grows and we have some pumpkins in the fall.


We took a field trip to the Aquarium.


We celebrated our graduating Moms….which was almost our entire class.





We do a special teen parent graduation recognition…this is me and one of my students that I have had for the past three years.


We had our team lunch…I work with some pretty great people!


And that’s it the school year is over. It was truly a great year and I’m excited to see what next year brings.


Two Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

With Mother’s Day coming up I thought that I would share a couple of craft ideas that I have done in the past with babies and toddlers.

Thumb Print Necklaces. We gave the necklace with a cute little poem inside the card.

I took my tiny thumbprint,

And pressed into dough,

So that you could feel my love,

No matter where you go.

Happy Mother’s Day!

And we singed the cards from the babies.

11-Mother'sDay-9To make the pendent you need this oven bake-clay which is available in many different colors. We choose silver for ours. Bake according to directions and no problems. You will also need something to make it a necklace (we used simple leather string cut at 30 inches) and an optional accent bead.


Painted Canvas. We had the kids paint a canvas (8×10) and then added a photo with Mod Podge.