This is a blog to document the things going on in my life along with making some cards. I started blogging on a different blog regularly at the beginning of the year (2010) to remember things that were going on. I love when you go back and read something that sparks a memory that you have forgotten. This is just a simple fun way to remember life. Hope you enjoy everything here and thanks for reading!

Here’s a little about me!

Name: Tabitha

Age: 29

Birthday: January 3rd

Live: Boulder, Co

Kids: None

Job: Teacher

Favorite Color: Orange

Favorite Season: Summer

Loves: Friends and Family, God, Donny (husband), photography, swimming, fall colors, card making, Chick-fil-a, Project Life



One thought on “About

  1. i scrolled through some of your blogs to see if i could find pictures of your cards but i have yet to find them! but i do see some GREAT cupcakes and i love cupcakes! =) i work in a stationery boutique (papyrus) and we have the best cards in the universe. i’ll be blogging about some of the valentine’s day cards coming up! but i bet you make fabulous ones!

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