Spring 10×10 {2018}

Here are the 10 pieces  and the outfits that I choose for my spring 10×10. I did not include shoes or accessories in my 10 items.

Pink Sweater, Chambray Short Sleeve, Pineapple t-shirt, White Jeans, Blue Jeans and Black dress all from Target, Gray Stripped Button Down thrifted (Target), Blue 3/4 Sleeve thrifted (???), Black Pencil Skirt from Old Navy and Mint Skirt is Lularoe.

Outfit #1 Blue 3/4 Sleeve, Jeans and Black Matt Tieks

Outfit #2 Pink Sweater, Gray Button Down, White Jeans, Gold Sparkly Sandals

Outfit #3 Pineapple Shirt, Mint Madison Skirt, Gold Sparkly Sandals

Outfit #4 Short Sleeve Chambray, White Jeans, Sandals

Outfit #5 Blue 3/4 Sleeve, Black Pencil Skirt

Outfit #6 Gray Button Down, Black Dress

Outfit #7 Gray Button Down, Jeans

Outfit #8 Gray Button Down, White Jeans

Outfit #9 Black Dress, Pink Sweater

Outfit #10 Black Pencil Skirt, Pineapple Shirt                                                                                                          (not pictured because for some reason it doesn’t want to load)

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