January 2018

Happy New Year. It’s been a while…here’s what we were up to in January.

We pet sat Buddy and Sweets while Theresa, Clara and Anna went to Disney World over Christmas Break.

I have been going to yoga with a teacher friend this school year.

For my birthday we went to dinner at bartaco…so yummy! I also got a pedicure on my birthday since we were still on Winter Break.

I started knitting a scarf.

Had a spa day with Jessica for my birthday.

We tried a new breakfast spot. I love biscuits and gravy and the Biscuit bar didn’t disappoint.

For Anna’s birthday we went to the Melting Pot.

Went to Bunco that a group of teachers from my school do every month.

It snowed. But not enough for a snow day.

We dog sat Oakley. The calmest most chill dog ever.

Winter isn’t my favorite and on this day I’m going to guess it either snowed or I have to scrap ice off my windows and it was very cold.

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