Hello December {Day 1}

Hello December Daily! It’s that time of year again and December Daily has begun. I am going to do a digital version again this year. I really wanted to do a physical book this year but decided that I would probably actually do it if I stuck with the digital. Maybe just maybe there will be a few Vlogs. Here’s day 1.

December 1st was a Friday so most of the day was just a normal work day. Donny went out for happy hour with some co-workers at Upslope and then we went out to dinner at Sherpa’s. It had been a while since we had had Napalese/Indian food and Sherpa’s is definitely one of our favorites.

I also finished my 1st week of my 4 week wardrobe challenge where I am wearing a different outfit every day for the next 4 weeks (weekend excluded). Like most of us I tend to wear the same few items from my wardrobe and there’s nothing wrong with that but I want to challenge myself to wear more of what I own. We have been having some unusually warm weather for the end of November beginning of December which worked well for me because I am in need of more leggins so I can wear my skirts in the winter.

Day 1: Lularoe Pineapple Lucy, Gray thrifted 3/4 sleeve, Gold sandals from Target

Day 2: Lularoe Madison, Lularoe Randy, TOMs boots

Day 3: T-shirt dress from Target, Lularoe Leggins, Born boots

Day 4: White pants, Chambray T-shirt, Sweater all from Target, TOMs boots

Day 5: School Spirit Day! Lularoe Azure, school shirt, Duster sweater from Wal-Mart, Steve Madden Flats

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