Italy Vacation Outfits

We went to Italy for 10 days (2 of the days being travel days) and here’s what I brought. I tried to keep it simple and not pack to much but still feel like I had enough outfit choices. We where in Italy at the end of July and the weather was quiet hot. We decided to bring one big bag and one carry on bag. It worked out but next time I think we would just bring two carry on size bags.

Due to a flight delay and airplane change we didn’t get our checked bag for several days. Fortunately we put some backup clothes in our carry on bag so wasn’t too big of a deal.

Here’s everything I brought. I didn’t wear the pants it was way to hot. The only pair of shoes I wore were my Birkenstock. I did not need any fancy clothes so I didn’t wear the Amelia dress, the coral lace shirt or the sandal heels. We left our hotel room in the morning didn’t come back until after dinner so there wasn’t any outfit changes during the day.

I would recommend bring dresses and shirts that have sleeves and that cover your knees because many of the churches and religious buildings don’t allow your shoulders or knees being exposed. I carried a light scarf in my purse so that I would have something to cover my shoulders when I did wear a tank top.

Travel Day Outfit: Chambray button down from Target. Gray shirt from Target. Olive green shorts from Target.


Day 1: Travel day outfit since we arrived around 12pm Italy time

Day2: Polka Dot shirt–thrifted and olive green shorts from Target

Florence (we didn’t get our bag the afternoon of day 2)

Day 1: Navy tank top form Target and maxi shirt thrifted.

Day 2: Polka Dot shirt–thrifted and olive green shorts from Target

Day 3: Stripped dress form Target


Day 1: T-shirt dress from Target

Day 2: Thrifted shirt and olive green shorts from Target

Day 3: Lularoe Carly

Travel Day: I wore my black dress from Old Navy that is just like the gray striped one with my chambray button down from Target and my Birkenstock

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