Our first stop was Venice. We flew from Denver to Newark and then we were supposed to go from Newark to Venice. Because of delays in Denver we ended up missing our flight in Newark and got rerouted on a flight to Germany then off to Venice. Because of this flight change our checked bag did not make it to Venice thankfully we had planned ahead and had emergency clothes in our carry-on so not a big deal assuming we would get our bag the next day.

Our first day in Venice we were very tired from travel and time change. We walked around a bit, took and nap and went to bed at 7pm. I think this really helped us adjust to the time change well.

We took a water taxi from the airport to our hotel.

The view from our hotel

Day two in Venice we had morning walking tour and the main attraction was St. Mark’s Basilica. We walked around the city, and did an evening gondola ride.

We had 2 gelatos each, Donny had 4 single espressos, and we walked 24,090 steps. And still no bag.

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