Floors {sam & deidre’s house}

Sam and Deidre recently moved into their house and the carpet upstairs was not great (a lavender white color) so they wanted to take the carpet and the tile upstairs out and replace it with hardwood. We volunteered to help which turned out to be a lot of work (all home improvement is right?). Although it was a lot of work it turned out amazing!


After some of the tile was up we discovered that the cement board was not only screwed down like is should be it was also glued down to the linoleum which made removing very time consuming.


So Sam and Donny went to Home Depot and got this machine to help with the process. Still very slow.


Didn’t take long and we all had all the safety gear on. Ear plugs, safety glasses, and masks.


Tile gone!


Hardwood instillation began! This part of one room that had been put in.




A full weekend of work and the floors are looking good.


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