Two Easy Mother’s Day Crafts

With Mother’s Day coming up I thought that I would share a couple of craft ideas that I have done in the past with babies and toddlers.

Thumb Print Necklaces. We gave the necklace with a cute little poem inside the card.

I took my tiny thumbprint,

And pressed into dough,

So that you could feel my love,

No matter where you go.

Happy Mother’s Day!

And we singed the cards from the babies.

11-Mother'sDay-9To make the pendent you need this oven bake-clay which is available in many different colors. We choose silver for ours. Bake according to directions and no problems. You will also need something to make it a necklace (we used simple leather string cut at 30 inches) and an optional accent bead.


Painted Canvas. We had the kids paint a canvas (8×10) and then added a photo with Mod Podge.


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