Spring Break {2016}

I had a fabulous spring break…the snow changed some plans but there was plenty of relaxing and hanging out with friends and family. On Wednesday, we got 16 inches of snow which closed many major highways, lot of roads and the Denver Airport. My parents were supposed to fly out on Wednesday to Nashville and weren’t able to and instead helped Theresa with some remodeling.

Catching up on YouTube and enjoying some delicious breakfast. Relaxing.


Going on a walk to enjoy the somewhat warm weather before the snow.



The snow storm caused lots of tree branches to fall and the Jeep almost go hit.


We measured 12 inches on our picnic table.


Dad’s truck burred in snow.


Dad shoveling snow.


There was so much snow on our patio

Donny and Dad helped with some remodeling. The ceiling getting put back together…the kitchen had a drop ceiling that needed to be taken down. The whole thing couldn’t be removed because of pipes and electric in the ceiling. Theresa came up with this idea of the small portion of drop ceiling that is curved.



They also found some unused/empty space next to the pantry and of course have to make it bigger.


Mom, Dad, and I went on the Celestial Seasonings tour.



We also went and toured Stages, did some shopping, and ate delicious food. Not the sunny warm spring break that I would loved but still great. Only 9 weeks of school left.


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