Thanksgiving 2015


Thanksgiving break was lots of fun. Theresa, Anna, and I went to Junction on Monday since we had the whole week off of school and then Donny and Clara joined us on Thursday. We did a little shopping…nothing crazy and did not go out on Thanksgiving.  We did a few crafty projects.

I made a Joy sign for our porch, Mom made a similar sign but hers says Noel, and Theresa decorated her Christmas and Winter “W” for her seasonal “W” art work. I didn’t get pictures but they were adorable.


I spent one day hanging out with Jackie, Henry, and Hudson. Jackie and I organized Hudson’s room so that it could be used. I was excited to meet Hudson…such a cutie.

thanks3 thanks4

Donny brought pies from Huckleberry. Diane (our realtor) gave us a pie as a thank you for buying a house. We had a pumpkin pie and a huckleberry peach pie (Theresa got one too) they were delicious.


Our Thanksgiving table



Thanksgiving family photo. Dad, Nannie, Anna, Theresa, Clara, Papa, Me, Mom, Donny. Love this photo!




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