August Flew By

Wow. August is over and now it’s September. We have been pretty busy over here since the end of July. Here’s a quick (maybe not so much) look at some of what we have been doing this past month.

Theresa and Anna got here just before we closed on our house. A friend from Iowa drove out with them and before she went home we explored some of Boulder.


I spent the day at the pool with Zoe before school started.


Theresa and I went to Ikea.


We closed on our house!





Theresa and I went to Junction to visit my parents. I went to Jackie and Dante’s BBQ baby shower.


Met Ashleah and Claire for coffee downtown.


Got to be the kitty babysitter at night.


Started school.


Have been working non-stop with lots (and lots) of help from Theresa to get rid of these crazy colors on our walls.

20150901-231409 20150901-2314091

Got most of the painting finished and started a remodel project on the kitchen.


Finally got everything moved from the apartment.


Got my bridesmaid dress altered and helped Deidre make a banner.



Have been to Home Depot more times that I can count. One Saturday we went four times between Donny, myself and Theresa.


That pretty much sums up the month. We did go on a triple scooter date picnic which was quiet fun and will post some pictures later. There have been a lot of long tiring days but we are so excited to have a house that’s ours. Can’t wait for some fall weather and a pumpkin spice latte (or two).


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