More than a Week {where have I been}

This one is for you Nannie!

It’s been a little bit busy over here since school ended. Here’s what I have been up to

My mom came to visit….we did a little bit of card making, some shopping, and got pedicures.


While my Mom was here Donny’s Mom and sister also came to visit. We did some house looking and are excited for Donny’s Mom and sisters to move closer to us!

I celebrated Susan’s retirement. The teacher I worked with all year retired and our team had a picnic open house to celebrate. Past students were invited and everyone had a great time.

Here we all are (most of us) on the last day of school.


I got my wisdom teeth taken out. This was a Thursday and I slept the next couple of  days thanks to my pain medication. The procedure and recovery went well…more on that in another post.


We looked at a couple of houses and decided we really like the one with this view.


Then I started summer school. We had three full days of PD and working in our classrooms and the kids start Monday.


Here’s to a fabulous fun busy summer!!


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