Closet Makeover {part 1}

I have been thinking about going through my closet and getting rid of things for a while now and have been reading some blogs and looking on Pinterest about remixing wardrobe (Putting me together) and capsule wardrobes (here, here, and here) recently and decided to go for it.

My closet is seriously full (I hang up everything), and I know I only wear a handful of items but have a million choices which has lead to the “I have nothing to wear” getting dressed drama. Here’s my closet before…

march-1 MarchClothes2

I went through everything hanging up by taking it all out of the closet and going through each piece putting it in to three piles (keep, maybe, donate) quickly. If I didn’t wear it or hasn’t been worn in a while it went straight to the donate pile. If it had worn it but maybe wasn’t my favorite it went the the maybe pile that I would then go through again more closely. And everything I knew I wore and loved went into the keep pile. Once I narrowed down the keeps I picked the limited items that I was going to wear in March and put the rest of the keeps in back of the closet. Some of these are things are seasonal, some are things I wear but didn’t include to keep my choices limited, and some are just things I think I might want to wear and I’m not ready to donate yet.

Here’s what my closet looks like now. These are my March choices for clothes. I didn’t have any set rules for what I choose and March is very much a winter and spring clothes month so I picked a variety but kept it limited. I did not include shoes or accessories.


Here’s what I included

  • 5 bottoms that are pants
  • 2 pairs of leggins
  • 14 shirts
  • 1 cardigan
  • 5 skirts
  • 6 dresses

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