Best of 2014

14. Donny got 1st place


13. I taught summer school!

2-summerschool7 3-summerschool8

12. Baby Claire is here


11. Z00 Lights

zoo-16 zoo-8 zoo-15

10. Clara’s Graduation and Weekend in Iowa

Clara_Graduation-7 Clara_Graduation-9 Clara_Graduation-10  Clara_Graduation-17

9. Treyce’s visit to Colorado

family-2 family-1

8. Donny lost his phone


7. Sam and Deidre got Engaged and Weekend in Winter Park


6. Weekend in Oregon visiting Clara

05-DayOne10 02-DayTwo

5. Job!


4. Meeting Claire!


3. Scoot up Flagstaff

5-scooterdate5 6-scooterdate3 3-scooterdate4

2. New Car!


1. Anniversary Weekend


What a great year! And other awesome things that happened include…. A super fun Ski weekend with Jackie and Dante,  Donny’s New Cross Bike, Two Chicks Craft House Celebrated One Year, Both Donny and I were asked to be in Sam and Deidre’s Wedding Party, Donny and his Dad went on a crazy two day bike adventure, and lots of fun in December.


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