Bike Reorganized

Since we have acquired a few more bikes recently it was time to reorganize them. They have been hanging from the ceiling in the garage in two rows of three with two bikes hanging on the opposite wall using elfa bike hangers. We decided to hang them all along one long wall to save space and to be able to hang all the bikes.


Our first attempt was to find the studs in the wall and hang them with the bike hooks we already owned. For some crazy reason we could not find the studs in part of the wall and had to switch to different hooks that could use drywall anchors. The new hooks also allowed for the bikes to hang closer.


Day 2…using the new hooks. We found these hooks at Home Depot for $5 each. Way more expensive than the other hooks but worth it for the space saving (and it took care of the stud problem).


All the bikes are now able to hang nicely on the wall!!


Just in case you are wondering….No these aren’t all Donny’s. We have a roommate and he also owns several bikes. And yes only one of these bikes is mine.



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