oh, books


So I have a lot of books and I have really wanted to organize and level it for quiet sometime but every summer goes by and I don’t get a classroom job (which would be the main motivator) and the project goes to the wayside. And the amount of the books has been intimidating. Awhile back I was on the hunt for an app to help me do this and all I could find was for iPhone and just recently I decided to look again and actually found 3 different apps for leveling/organizing your classroom books. I found a wonderful blog post from Kinder-Craze on all these apps plus a few more.

Book Wizard — FREE

* scanner doesn’t work for me

* can’t search within books list

* can have multiple book lists but can’t search

* liked its simplicity

Booksource Classroom Organizer — FREE

* didn’t find it user friendly

* have to create an account on-line before starting

* can only search books by title

Level It Books — $3.99

* can have different library categories

* can search books by title, author, and different leveling systems

* sometimes scanning a book would come back with not result, but then typing in the title or ISBN would give a result

After testing all three of these apps out I decided to go with Level It Books. Not all the books had levels and only a handful weren’t in there system. It took a lot and I mean a lot of time to scan/type in all my books and add them to my library categories but it’s all done now and they look really good in their categorized boxes stored nicely under stairs.


I got some containers at Target and organized them into categories very similar to how they were on my shelf. Here’s some progress photos I took….and seriously it took a long time to scan/input them all but totally worth it.



I labeled the buckets using washi tape.




Now they are nicely stored under the stairs….I did get a teaching job, but don’t need all the books in my room.


So nice to have them all neat and tidy. The buckets stack very nice and since they are skinny they will be easy to access.


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