Fitbit Flex {one month}

I got my Fitbit Flex at the beginning of May and have been wearing it ever since. I am loving it and thought that I would share a little bit about it and why I decided to get one.


What is Fitbit? It’s a pedometer that you wear on your wrist like a bracelet that tracks your steps, miles walked, calories burned, active minutes, and even your sleep. You can even record the amount of water you drink and log your food in the app. It connects to your computer or phone (I have a Nexus 4) via bluetooth.


Why did I get it? While in REI a while back I saw them on display and thought that it would be cool but didn’t think much more about it. Then one day I was thinking about summer break and how last year while we were living in Seattle there were many days that I didn’t leave the house (no car, Donny at work, busy crafting) and thought that this year I should probably not do that. I don’t do much exercising and am not good at motivating myself. That’s when I thought of the Fitbit that I had seen at REI (a few more times since the first). Maybe it could be something to motivate me to move.

Does it work? It has! I have gone out on a walk when it’s cold (yep. snowed in May), when I was tired, and when I really just wanted to sit and watch a show until bed, and even when Donny didn’t want to go with me. There have been a few days that I just decide that I’m not going to make it to my goal and feel like it’s okay. Not everyday has to make it to the 10,000 step goal. If it gets me moving when I don’t want to it has done its job.

I am so glad that I decided to buy it and think it is really going to be a motivator for these summer months while I’m not working!

Getting 10,000 steps…I have noticed that on weekdays when I’m at school I get anywhere from 5000-7000 steps without doing anything extra so getting to my goal isn’t too hard. Normally just a walk after school which I would not have done normally. The weekends are much much harder. I really have to make sure that I schedule in some walking time. On a normal not doing too much or crafting a lot weekend day I will only get 3000-5000 steps, and making it to 10,000 is one very very long walk. You can change the step goal in the app so it doesn’t have to be 10,000 and I’m thinking that I might have to start these summers days off with a 7000 step goal so I don’t feel discouraged and not try at all.

Pictures from my walks with my Fitbit {May edition}














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