Weekend Alone

Donny was gone this past weekend so I was home alone. He went on a three day mountain biking/camping adventure with his Dad and several other people. I didn’t have any plans for what I was going to do. Here’s what I ended up doing.

Thursday night I came home from school and didn’t do anything. I sat on the couch and watched some YouTube, took a nap, and ate leftovers for dinner. Also worked on some blog posting while talking to Jackie over texts.

Friday night was much the same as Thursday night except I watched Frozen in bed. I did listen to Elise Gets Crafty Podcast and look up reasons why oneish year olds are whinny. Found nothing new but there were suggestions for going outside more so I’m hoping that the weather will be nice the coming weeks of school so we can go outside!

Saturday I slept in, did laundry, cleaned downstairs,put clothes away, and finished Clara’s birthday present all by twelve. Pretty good. Then I went to Jo Ann’s to see if they had some fabric Jackie needed and got some paper too!


Then I came home and made an Easter card that someone had ordered.


Worked on February in my scrapbook.


Had dinner with Sam. Deidre is also out of town this weekend.


Then I went to Target to get some mailing envelopes and got some stuff for a couple of mini-Easter baskets I’m going to make for some special little ones along with a candle for myself.


Came home and enjoyed a Chai while writing a blog post and doing a little online shopping. I ordered a long over due birthday gift, signed up for the Julep Maven box (clicking link will take you to style profile and I will earn points if you join). Excited to get some nail polishes! And did some window shopping on Fortune Cookie Soap to see what I could use my ten dollar code on.


Then I decided to use my Lush face mask again as it’s going to expire soon and take a bath. Called it a night and went to bed.


Sunday I slept in again. No surprise I’m not really a get up early kind of girl but really want to because it makes getting things done a lot easier. And when I say slept in were talking nine to nine-thirty here. So not to late, but way better than six on the weekdays.

I did a bunch of die cutting with my Silhouette for April classroom stuff and then ate my left over Chipotle for lunch.


After lunch I did nothing for a while and took a short nap. Then started another load of laundry, took pictures of the things I had created, got stuff ready to mail tomorrow, packed Clara’s birthday present to send home with Donny’s parents tonight, and decided to paint my nails and watch some Netflix.

Overall it was a great weekend but I’m super glad Donny’s back.



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