Valentine’s Day + Long Weekend

Since Valentine’s was on Friday we decided to venture out and get something to eat (like most Fridays and thanks to an extra thoughtful gift from Donny’s parents). We didn’t have anything planned and knew just about everywhere would be crazy busy. We choose to go to the Rio….a super yummy mexican restaurant downtown.


Before dinner I decided that I needed to look at Macy’s for some jeans since I no longer have any without holes and I hit the jack pot and found two pairs! So excited to have some jeans again!

I got a super adorable picture of Claire in her 1st Valentine’s Day outfit.


Saturday was much like most and Donny went biking and I made some cards. Haven’t been crafting much with not feeling well and mostly taking naps after school and doing nothing. So fun to feel like making cards again. After Donny got back from biking we ventured to the mall where we got some Starbucks and walked around. Bought a few things but nothing exciting. Before coming home we stopped at REI to check out the winter clearance and I wanted some super cute ankle boots but they didn’t have my size (boo), but I did find some fun cute flats! Super good shopping days for me!

Got my first Fortune Cookie Soap Box in the mail! I can’t wait to try out all the stuff!


On Sunday, Donny went on another (much longer) with some friends and I once again made some more cards!


I was so excited to have an extra day off this week and we took full advantage!

Monday was all about getting stuff done and having some fun! We cleaned up the house, Donny changed the oil in the Jeep, and I did some laundry in the morning. Then we went out to enjoy the super nice weather walking around Pearl Street and checked out Trader Joe’s.

Trader Joe’s was quite busy and I’m super excited that we have one now. It was one thing that I really liked while living in Redmond. It looked just like I remembered but without the alcohol. I can’t wait to have my Trader Joe’s coffee in the morning!


Us at Pearl Street


Last on our list for the day was eyebrow waxing!


What a great Valentine’s Day long weekend! Despite our shower looking like this. But don’t worry it’s all fixed and ready to use as normally on Tuesday!



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