What have I been doing?

Since school started a month and a half ago I have been keeping busy. I got a long-term sub job at the learning nursery and have been loving it. I get to spend the day with six babies (3-seven month olds, 2- three month olds, and a one month old) and work with an amazing teacher. I love going to the same place everyday not having to worry about getting a sub call. I will for sure miss it when I’m finished in December but going to keep on enjoying while I am here.

Getting up and to school by 7:15am everyday has made my productivity in crafting low. Actually I have done very little since starting my long-term job. I think I have finally got into the routine and hope to get my crafting back on. I have a few sewing projects in the queue along with Halloween and Christmas cards to make and my project life to get caught up with.

I have done a few projects at school thought I would share. Here’s where I spend my day…in the nursery. I cut pumpkins on my Silhouette and we added pictures of the babies on them.


We did ghost footprints and hung them on our bulletin board. Love their googly eyes.


We made a fall tree with hand and footprint leaves.


That’s all for now. Move crafts (and posts) coming soon.


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