5 Stars {substitute teaching}

Five Stars is a classroom management technique that I learned from a fellow substitute teacher. Here’s what you do

1. Draw five lines on the board…somewhere everyone can see them

2. Tell the students that they can earn 5 stars and if at the end of the day there is a star on each line, then you will write an extra special note to their teacher about how great the class was and how hard they worked

3. Tell them that they earn stars by following directions quickly and working hard as a class

So throughout the day when you see the class working hard or following directions quickly, add a star to the board or have a student add one. You can even use it as an incentive if the class isn’t doing what they need to by saying something like “I sure hope I get to write that special note to {teacher’s name} at the end of the day.” or “Who’s going to work hard to get another star.”

Hope this give you an idea of a simple classroom management strategy you can try.


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