Boulder Flood {September 2013}

They’re calling it the 100 year flood. Roads are still closed and mountain towns are still inaccessible.

Daily Camera Front Page (picture from Twitter)


We got 14.6 inches of rain…our yearly average is around 19 inches. (picture from twitter)


This shows the Boulder Creek levels (picture from Twitter)


On Thursday night we decided to go take a little walk around were we live to see if anything was flooded. We didn’t really think we would see anything as we don’t live near the Boulder Creek. Little did we know there was a river flowing just a short walk from our house on the Foothills frontage road. We knew that they had closed the Baseline and Foothills intersection but we weren’t expecting to be calf deep in water near by. Since it was night out I wasn’t able to get many pictures, but here’s a few that I did get.

By the Colorado Athletic Club off Foothills frontage road

1-gymAnd here’s a video I took of the water running

This is by the pedestrian bridge that walks over Foothills. The water is on the frontage road


And here’s a video I took. You can’t really see it but when I move the camera down there is a car floating in the water.

On Friday morning we had to go back to the pedestrian bridge and see what it looked like and to our surprise there was no water on the road except were people were pumping it out of their basements.



This is the under ground parking for a retirement community. Their whole parking lot was filled up the night before and cars were about half under.



Such a difference in a short amount of time. My question is “Where did all that water go?”

3-nightdayDonny met up with some mountain bike friends and they rode around for a bit to see what things looked like. This was at 7th and Pleasant.


Here’s some pictures from around the city that I got from twitter. Crazy to see all the damage and flooding. Something I never would have thought would happen here.


Road going to Lyons and then on to Estes Park3-twitter7

Subdivision in Longmont. 4-twitter

All Twitter pictures were found using hashtag #boulderflood.



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