Favorite Pins #1 {classroom}

I know we all look at Pinterest and pin so many things. I thought I would share some of my favorites from the week.

1. Water bottle on the chair. This is such a great idea to help keep desks clear. One problem I see is that if you have to stack your chairs I’m not sure this would work.

1-chairPhoto Credit: http://pinterest.com/pin/137078382380837290/

2. Glue Pompom to a dry erase marker. I have seen several of these ideas at this pin came from Clutter-Free Classroom.

2-pompomPhoto Credit: http://pinterest.com/pin/137078382380951579/

3. Put Card Games in Containers. Such a great way to store these games…easy to put away and easy to store. This idea came from this Blog.

3-GamesPhoto Credit: http://pinterest.com/pin/137078382380842603/

4. Teacher’s First Aid. This idea came from this Blog.

4-TeacherPhoto Credit: http://pinterest.com/pin/137078382380943851/

5. Not really for the classroom but I love this idea. A scarf as your camera strap….so cute. Idea and directions can be found here.

5-cameraPhoto Credit: http://pinterest.com/pin/137078382380950428/



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