Weekend {July 27-28}

This is our last weekend that we will be going into Seattle. Although I don’t come home for two weeks we have other adventures planned on the coming weekends that aren’t in Seattle. There was still a few things that we wanted to do in Seattle so we set out for a day of fun.

On our list was the Great Wheel, Pinball Museum, Hot Chocolate bar, Underground tour, and gift shopping. We did four out of the five planned activities and one unplanned activity.


The Great Wheel







Stopped to take a picture with this pig08-Week304

Donny tried some coffee from the Clover machine at Starbucks. It’s their new single cup makers they have now. He said it was super yummy and way better than their regular drip coffee. 11-cloverCoffee

We went to the Pinball Museum.

09-Week305 10-Week306

The Hot Chocolate Bar! We had the Venezuelan Black sipping chocolate which is different than hot chocolate because it’s equal parts chocolate to milk. It was super yummy.

12-hotchocolate2 13-Week307

We had then planned to go to the Underground tour, but instead decided to watch the parade that was going to happen. It was the annual Torchlight parade in Seattle. Apparently this parade is a big deal.


There were dancing flight attendants (parade was sponsored by Alaskan Airlines) and huge balloons.


After all our Saturday activities we decided to take it easy on Sunday. Donny went on a nice long bike ride and we went dinner at the Coho cafe in Redmond.




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