A Car!

I never knew how convenient it was to walk out the door and get in the car to go somewhere. It’s just something you did. Until we come here, to Redmond. We made the choice not to get the rental car for the summer. Really how hard can it be to ride your bike, walk, or take the bus to places. Seems easy right…it’s just for the summer. I even looked up how far things were like Target, grocery stores, downtown area and all were within 5 miles. Not far at all. That is until you factor in the (giant) hill we live up not to mention the second (steeper but not as far) hill up the street we live on. Guess this area is called Education Hill for a reason. Oh, and the bus that comes up the hill isn’t a very frequent and is often off schedule meaning that connecting buses is tricky. Let’s just say I will love my car when I get home.

While Mom was here we got a rental car! It was so nice to walk out the door and go somewhere. And that thing you want from the store to go with dinner…you can go get it! We did some grocery shopping…which has turned out to be the hardest part of not having a car. Donny also enjoyed some mountain biking that is way to far to bike to and we all enjoyed not waiting for buses.



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