One Month

We have been in Redmond for a month now and have been enjoying life here.

  • Donny’s liking his internship
  • We have visited many touristy locations
  • Experiencing life without a car
  • Walking up the hill to our house is still hard
  • Learning to look at the bus schedule so we don’t have to walk up the hill
  • Grocery shopping has been difficult
  • Grilling a ton (we don’t have a stove)
  • We are in LOVE with Trader Joe’s
  • Having cooler weather (much prefer hot summer)
  • Raining only some (it’s not rainy season which is October-June)
  • Making lots of cards
  • Working on Project Life
  • I have learned to fill my days at home while Donny is working with more than couch sitting
  • Learning to get around on public transit
  • Not wearing shorts (weird to wear pants in June)
  • Wearing tank tops because it’s June

And our fun isn’t done yet

  • Mom’s coming to visit
  • Our 6th anniversary
  • Going to a Mariner’s and Sounder’s game (baseball and soccer)
  • A photo shoot with Meredith (so excited!!)
  • Take a weekend trip up to Vancouver, Canada
  • Get fresh flower from Pike’s Place Market

But don’t worry I’m still missing

  • Hot summer days
  • Pool time with Zoe
  • My car
  • Being close to friends & family
  • Having all my craft stuff

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