Weekend Recap {May 25-27}

We have  spent the weekend exploring the cities around us. On Saturday we walked around Seattle.


We ate lunch at the Potbelly sandwich shop…they have a super tasty Pizza Sandwich!


Walked around the Pike Place Market and saw the first Starbucks and street performers.

10-seattle 11-seattle1

We went to the Olympic Sculpture park.


Grilled some dinner on our patio, enjoyed a sunset through the trees and discovered these leaves (they are seriously huge).08-Weekend11

We tried a local frozen yogurt shop and it was yummy! They had lots of flavors but we had nutella and pistachio…they had lots of toppings to choose from too! (Although they didn’t have marshmallows like Ripple at home)


I set up my crafting area….02-CraftAreaInsta

Found an awesome craft store near our apartment….04-BenFranklin

And made a my first card here!03-PhotoGrid_1369633439892

On Sunday we drove over to Bellevue and went to the Bellevue Square Mall. It was just a mall, but it did have a cool local stamp store and a Windows store. 09-Weekend12

On Monday we drove over to downtown Kirkland Waterfront. I got myself a rain jacket. 01-RainJacket

We admired the water and even though it was raining out the whole time we were there we enjoyed walking around downtown.07-Weekend1

Then thanks to Foursquare we tried a local burger restaurant and had their Peanut Butter Bacon Burger. Definitely recommended…it was actually quite yummy.  05-PeanutButterBurgerSo far enjoying it here! It has only rained one day, but rain is in the forecast for the next week, which is very different from home. Although it did rain all day (Monday) it isn’t like raining at home…it’s a very light rain. Donny starts working and I am hoping to keep myself entertained for the day…so glad there are lots of shops and stuff around a mile away.


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